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Bahrain City Center

As a country, Bahrain is unique in the Middle East thanks to its authenticity combined with Western-friendly attitude. The country's capital city, Manama is characterised by its cosmopolitan middle class, and is a popular tourist destination for its tropical desert climate and stunning beaches.

Exploring Manama city center and beyond
There's plenty to entice visitors to Manama city center, from historical monuments to dazzling modern sights

The world's largest fibreglass dome covers Al-Fateh Mosque - one of the largest mosques in the world, capable of holding 7,000 worshippers, and a popular tourist attraction in the city center.

For family fun, enjoy the views of the city skyscrapers from the Corniche Al-Fateh seaside promenade, complete with fairground rides and shisha bars. The Bahrain National Museum also offers a unique insight into the natural and cultural history of the Arab country.

Bahrain is a shopper's dream, from the ancient souks to the impressive Seef Mall, which in addition to a plethora of first class shops, houses an entire amusement park on its first floor.

At night the city centre comes to life, with tourists and expats flocking to the bars, restaurants and clubs where - unlike most Arab countries - alcohol consumption is permitted.

Outside Manama city centre, you'll find Bahrain has even more to offer. Qala'at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) is located off the northern shore and is a five to ten minute drive away from Manama city, museum next door containing artefacts from ancient Dilmun period to Islamic era. Bahrain International Circuit is the home of the Middle East Grand Prix and an adrenaline-pumping day out for motoring enthusiasts.

Accommodation in Manama city centre
Our Bahrain accommodation puts you in the heart of Manama city centre, perfect from exploring the city and beyond.