Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel, Paris Trocadéro

Arc De Triomphe

Apart from the Eiffel Tower there are few sights in Paris more iconic than the gloriously grand Arc De Triomphe. This monument, commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806 after his victory at Austerlitz, is a towering symbol of French national pride.

Guests at the Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris Trocadero can enjoy a gentle stroll along the Rue de Longchamp to the Champs Elysees. Upon reaching the cross section with the Avenue des Champs Elysees visitors are rewarded with a glorious view back up the wide cobbled streets lined with clipped horse-chestnut trees which draw the eyes towards the majestic Arc De Triomphe.

Discover the history of the Arc De Triomphe
"You will march home through the arches of victory!" Napoleon promised his war-weary soldiers after their victory at Austerlitz. He was as good as his word. The monument was built in honour of his Grande Armée and the designers, Chalgrin and Raymond, took their inspiration from the Arch of Titus in Rome. Over time the Arc De Triomphe became the focal point for the people of Paris in turbulent times including the return of Napoleon I's ashes in 1840 and the liberation of Paris in 1944.

Accommodation near the Arc De Triomphe
When choosing accommodation in Paris location is key. Paris is a wonderful city for leisurely walks punctuated with café au lait and pastries. Choosing a hotel in Paris near the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees and the Arc De Triomphe will make this dream a reality. The Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris Trocadero is only 1 kilometre from the base of Monsieur Eiffel's famous tower and located in the 16th arrondissement is in one of the city's most metropolitan locations.