Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel, Paris Trocadéro

The Louvre

Although the Louvre may be most commonly associated with artwork, particularly those created during the Renaissance period, this vast museum also houses numerous significant historical treasures from all over the world, receiving particular acclaim for its Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman collections.

Whether you are interested in seeing portraits from the masters, exquisite sculptures or rare prints, the Louvre offers more than can be absorbed in a single visit. As a result, many people find themselves returning to the Louvre each time they pass through Paris.

Find hotels near the Louvre
The Louvre's convenient location and prestige often make it a first port of call for visitors to Paris, and you can enjoy close proximity when staying at centrally located hotels such as this Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel, Paris Trocadero.

This elegant hotel offers excellent accommodation in Paris for visiting the Louvre and exploring the Paris city centre, and features a range of facilities and services to ensure the comfort of guests.