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Freedom Monument Riga

An important symbol of Latvia's freedom and independence, the Freedom Monument honours soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence (1918-1920). Located in the centre of Riga on the Freedom Boulevard near the old town area, the monument is often the central point for official ceremonies and public meetings in Riga.

The Latvian independence movement against the USSR started at the monument in June 1987 when an illegal rally of 5,000 people was held to commemorate the people who had been deported by Stalin. Latvia re-established independence three years later when the Soviet regime fell.

More about Riga's Freedom Monument
The Freedom Monument was unveiled in 1935, stands 138 feet tall and is made of granite, copper and travertine. The sculptures and bas-reliefs of the structure are arranged in thirteen groups, each depicting events in Latvian history and culture. Red granite forms the base of the Freedom Monument, completed by a 62-foot travertine column topped by copper figure - representing liberty - holding three stars above its head.

Soldiers of the Latvian army's Guard of Honour provide security for the Freedom Monument, with three or four pairs of guards taking over from each other every hour. This handover takes place in a ceremony undertaken by the Chief of the Guard.

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