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Maxxi Rome

Maxxi Rome, the National Museum of 21st Century Art, opened in 2009 and is located in the Flaminio area of Rome. Designed by Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, this stunning curved building houses a permanent collection of contemporary art and architecture, and includes temporary exhibition space.

The Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome is just 20 minutes' drive from the Maxxi Rome, so it's the ideal option for anyone wanting to visit this fascinating museum. This modern, upmarket hotel is in a central location, within easy reach of other major attractions in Rome including the Vatican, the Coliseum and the Roman Forum.

Inside the Maxxi Rome
The avant-garde style Maxxi Rome was built on the site of an old army barracks and is divided into two sections: 'Maxxi Art' and 'Maxxi Architecture'. Both sections contain permanent collections that consist of direct acquisitions, permanent loans, donations and the works of competition winners. The museum also features a library, an auditorium, a media library, galleries for temporary exhibitions and performances, a café, a bar/restaurant and a bookshop. The large public square situated in front of the Maxxi Rome is also used by the museum for live events.

Discover the Maxxi Rome from the Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome
Rome is packed with museums and galleries, including the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art and the Capitoline Museum, as well as the Maxxi Rome, so it's the perfect destination for culture lovers.

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