The Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels is becoming the very first Radisson Red! Therefore the Radisson Blu EU Hotel is closed until April 2016.
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Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels

Responsible Business - Let's take responsibility

Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of the broader commitment of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group to sustainable development for many years. In 2001, this commitment was fortified and placed within the scope of a program called Responsible Business (RB). Each hotel has a unique RB Action Plan covering areas such as community outreach, environmental improvement, employee well-being and health and safety. That commitment continues with Responsible Business at this green hotel in County Westmeath.

The Carolson Rezidor hotels are engaged with both local charity groups and the corporate international charity organization of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, the World Childhood Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to defend the rights of the child and to promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children at risk all over the world.

Responsible Business activities include:

Green Key eco-label
This hotel has been certified with the Green Key eco-label since April 2011. The Green Key is a worldwide eco-label awarded to leisure organizations such as hotels, conference and holiday centers, campsites and leisure facilities.

Community involvement/charities
Responsible Business is not just about the environment. The Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels works diligently on social and economic issues that affect the local community, including:

  • Annually, a team from the Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels runs 20 kilometers for World Childhood Foundation donations to the local charity NASCI.
  • The Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels organizes several endeavours, including concerts, and participates in the Christmas market to benefit the World Childhood Foundation.
  • Donations are made to orphanages.

Waste generation control

  • Reduce: Hotel suppliers are asked to decrease the amount of packaging in their deliveries.
  • Reuse: Corks for "bouchon de liege" are recycled in both restaurants; papers are printed recto-verso; and furniture, bedding and equipment are donated to charity groups.
  • Recycle: Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans, oil, printer cartridges, fluorescent bulbs, used CD ROMs, magnetic cards, batteries and metal hangers are recycled.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy-efficient light bulbs are used throughout this hotel.
  • Elevators work with counterweight to reduce energy consumption.
  • General on/off switches are installed in rooms to conserve electricity.


  • Managers and staff are trained in Formula TRIC: Threat Assessment, Risk Evaluation, Incident Response and Crisis Management & Communication.
  • Staff are trained in first aid and Heart Start defibrillator.
  • Security Manager and Managers on Duty attend regular security trainings.

Other achievements

  • Over 70% of this hotel’s staff uses public transportation to help reduce urban air pollution.
  • Once a year, the staff plants trees.
  • Responsible Business guidelines are included in all job descriptions.
  • Monthly records of copier and printer usage are kept.

How guests can help

  • Use public transport.
  • Deposit used batteries in the battery boxes.
  • Bring corks to Willards Restaurant for recycling.
  • Reuse towels.
  • Save energy by switching off any appliances not in use.
  • Donate unwanted items like toiletries, towels, and clothes; simply leave them for the housekeeping staff or drop them off at the reception.

Why Responsible Business is important
Preserving the environment has become more important as more species of plants and animals become endangered or extinct. Half of the world's population lives on less than USD 2 per day, and by 2025, it is expected that food production will have to double to be able to feed the growing population. Companies like this hotel have the resources to make a change.