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Coffee tours

Explore the birthplace of coffee with guided tours leaving from Addis Ababa. Ethiopia's rich tradition of vibrant and flavorful beans is celebrated around the world. The country is a draw for those who hope of learn more about growing coffee beans and the production of coffee. The best way to do so is to join an exciting tours. Discover both rural and modern Ethiopia on guided expeditions that bring the country's thriving coffee industry to life. Many tours depart from the capital and you can choose between both short excursions and day trips.

The history of coffee in Ethiopia

Ethiopian nomadic people first discovered the stimulating effect of coffee in the 10th century, eating the coffee berries directly rather than using the seeds to make drinks. Over time, farming of the coffee plant eventually spread to the rest of Arabia and from there to European nations and their colonies all over the world. Addis Ababa is an important hub for commerce and coffee trading, while wild growing happens in the south-western Ethiopian highlands of Kaffa and Buno. Coffee production in Ethiopia is a vital part of the country's economy as more than 200,000 tons of clean coffee is produced for export every year. Much of the coffee in Ethiopia is grown by farmers in semi forest areas and it has been an important part of indigenous cultural traditions for many generations.

Coffee tasting in Addis Ababa

Coffee tours give you the opportunity to delve into the country’s heritage and sample the beans that make Ethiopian blends famous with coffee experts and connoisseurs all over the globe. If you want to combine tasty coffee with stunning views, visit the Mount Entoto where you can by fresh coffee beans from the locals.

Conveniently located and full of modern amenities, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa is the ideal base if you are planning to join a coffee tour in Ethiopia.