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The National Museum

The National Museum in Addis Ababa

Visit the National Museum in Addis Ababa and learn about the history and culture of Ethiopia. The impressive museum is a popular destination for travelers in the area who want to discover the country's colorful art and trace its origins through rare artefacts preserved for thousands, and in some cases millions, of years. Centrally located near other popular points of interest in the city like Meskel Square, the National Museum offers a relaxed and interesting outing in the Ethiopian capital.

Exploring the Ethiopian heritage

Situated in the heart of Addis Ababa, the national museum is the primary home of the country's artistic treasures and most precious archaeological finds. First established in 1944, the museum is divided into 4 parts to make it easy for the public to explore and discover the nation's fascinating heritage. Beginning with paleontology and prehistory, the museum extends to historical findings, ethnography and modern art, the collection at the national museum is as varied as it is large. Visitors have the opportunity to see fossilized remains of early humans, regalia and other memorabilia from former Ethiopian rulers, traditional and ceremonial costumes, modern paintings and sculptures and pre-Axumite findings.

The Lucy skeleton

The museum’s highlights include the famous Lucy skeleton, discovered in 1974, which is evidence of an upright walking hominid. The museum is also home to the fossilized Salem, a specimen considered to be a three-year-old child and Ardi, an older sister.

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