Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Piazza Neighborhood

Piazza is a historic area in the heart of Addis Ababa that still captures the spirit of the past. The name of this picturesque old town is a legacy of the Italian Occupation, which lasted from 1936-1941, and it still retains that Italian vibe today. Bring your camera to explore the historic buildings constructed in the early 20th century, which have a multicultural touch of Ethiopia and Italy, as well as Greece, Armenia and India. 

Explore the old town

This area houses buildings such as the first Italian patisserie, restaurants, coffee houses, cinema halls and playhouses. Here you will also find the very first Ethiopian hotel, silver and gold smiths, historic Ethiopian, Greek and Armenian Orthodox churches, old schools, impressive stairs, historical old bank, a post office and many more. In other words, this is a must-see when visiting Addis Ababa, whether it is a business or leisure trip.

Shop ‘til you drop

As the ‘capital of Africa’, the city offers a great shopping experience with several shopping districts and streets, and the Piazza is one of the main retail districts in Addis Ababa. The district contains many small shops, street stalls and boutiques where you can buy all types of African goods. Browse the area to find everything from Ethiopian crafts, jewelry, clothes and shoes, to fresh exotic fruits and vegetables.  No wonder this is the preferred shopping district for both locals and travelers in the city.

Time for a break

After strolling around looking for Ethiopian treasures for a while, remember to take breaks to maintain your fluid balance in the heat. The Piazza area is full of good cafés, most quite similar to each other. These usually serve the common drink called sprice juice, which is fruit pulp served in layers, with a selection of avocado, guava, banana, mango and papaya to name a few. The colorful and delicious juice is eaten with a spoon and is the perfect refreshment when you need a little break. Fresh juices made from pineapple, orange or mango are also widely offered across the Piazza.

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa offers convenient location for exploring the Piazza and the rest of the intriguing city.