Picturesque Amsterdam Hotel Exterior Beside Canal

Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam


A historical location

Amsterdam, the city of canals, tulips and bicycles, of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, draws visitors from the world over with its rich architectural and historical heritage. A few minutes’ walk away from the iconic Royal Palace on Dam Square you’ll find the Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam. Located on Rusland Street, our hotel’s charming and historical building is steeped in history like the city itself. 

A confectionery, cigar and paper factory

The hotel’s street name comes from the original land owner Willem Ruysch. The building itself was built during Amsterdam’s Golden Age in the 17th century. A time when Rembrandt was painting and Amsterdam’s merchants were forming world-wide trading networks. Originally used as a confectionery and brewery it was taken over in 1755 and turned it into a 30-bedroom hotel and auction house. 

It remained this way for almost a century until 1838 when, in spite of the lessons learned from the bursting of the Dutch tulip bubble two centuries prior, an optimistic venture turned the building into a casino. This enterprise was short-lived and, as cigar-smoking gained popularity throughout Europe, the building became a cigar factory. In 1871 Mr. Hein Proost used the building to found the famous Proost and Brandt paper factory, a company that still flourishes today. A fire damaged the building in 1883, but work to restore it began immediately and it was acquired in 1901 by the Het Wapen van Amsterdam Building Society N.V. 

It remained the society’s headquarters for almost a century until 1990, when it was returned to its former purpose, and became a hotel once more under the ownership of Radisson Hotels and Resorts.

Taste the history

In our hotel's Pastorie Bar, you can drink up the past connection to a clandestine church that held secret services for Catholics and other religious dissenters who were forbidden to practice in public. While in the Restaurant De Palmboom, you can enjoy the historical ambiance of this once renowned 19th century grocery store with fresh, local and organic Dutch produce.