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Ankara Opera House

The Ankara State Opera House is one of the most significant arenas for the art form in the Turkish capital and plays host to large productions by the State Opera and Ballet (TSOB). The season in Ankara generally lasts from September to June and a performance here is something you do not want to miss. Previous plays include classics like Carmen and the Nutcracker, as well as commemorative concerts, festivals and various shows in Turkish. If you're wondering what show to see you can check out their updated program.

A Rich History

Ankara Opera House, known as Opera Sahnesi in Turkish, is the largest of the TSOB's three venues in Ankara, the other two being Leyla Gencer Sahnesi in Ostim and Operet Sahnesi in Sıhhiye. The building was originally designed by Şevki Balmumcu as an exhibition center, after he won an international design contest in 1933. Later it was converted into an opera house by German architect Paul Bonatz and on April 2, 1948 it became the center of Ankara's opera scene where it still stands today.

Getting to Ankara Opera House

Ankara Opera House is also host to theater productions by Turkish State Theaters, which attracts a varied group of art lovers to Turkey's capital city. Getting to this cultural institution is easy with public transport such as buses or the underground subway, with several stations close by. The easiest way to get there is in combination with a stay at our Radisson Blu Hotel, Ankara. Here all that separates you from the Opera House and our elegant rooms and suites is a short 10-minute walk. Art lovers can enjoy a bite to eat or relaxing refreshments in the hotel's restaurants after the show finishes. You can also relax at the nearby Genclik Park or visit the awe-inspiring Anitkabir mausoleum.