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Hattusha is the former capital of the once powerful Hittite Empire and now one of the most significant historical sites in the whole of Turkey. Located just outside Boğazkale, the Hittite capital was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 and is one of the most intriguing tourist sites in the country.

The beauty of Hattusha can be easily experienced on a day trip from a Hotel in Ankara. Located in the relaxing downtown area, the Radisson Blu Hotel Ankara provides guests with a stylish base to experience the delights of the Turkish capital.

Visiting Hattusha
The 4,000 year old Hittite capital was first rediscovered in 1834 but not further excavated until the first half of the 20th century. Hattusha is packed full of archaeological gems and was one of the finest cities in the region during its imperial peak.

Hattusha was originally surrounded by two defensive walls, with the stunning Lions Gate and Royal Gate the best preserved remains of these once imposing structures. Remnants of the Hittite capital's royal palace can still be seen in the south of the city, with this fortified citadel perched upon the area's main peak.

Hattusha is also home to a popular museum which details the story of the Hittite people and contains the two beautifully restored sphinxes that were originally found on the site.

Hotel in Ankara
A stay at the Radisson Hotel Blu Ankara will allow guests to enjoy the allures of the Turkish capital as well as taking a trip to Hattusha. Packed full of intriguing attractions such as Ankara Castle and the Kocatepe Mosque, visitors to Ankara will be able to make the most of the time in their city from the hotel's convenient downtown location.