Radisson Blu Hotel, Ankara

Old Town Ankara

Rich in historical intrigue and beautiful architecture, the Old Town of Ankara is one of the city's major tourist attractions. Still a hub of activity in the city, Ankara's Old Town contains some of the finest Roman ruins in Turkey alongside several culturally significant sites.

The splendour of the Old Town is best enjoyed from a conveniently located Hotel in Ankara. The Radisson Blu Hotel Ankara is well situated to allow guests to explore the historic area's finest attractions as well as providing them with a stylish place to stay in the popular downtown district.

Visiting Ankara Old Town
The Old Town is home to some of the most recognisable icons of the city, with Ankara Castle dominating the hill that overlooks the area. The castle has been garrisoned since the time of the Romans and Byzantines, with the modern fortifications comprised of 42 pentagonal towers and a range of imposing walls.

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is another popular tourist stop in the Old Town of Ankara. The museum contains artefacts from across the region, including marble and gold works that date back thousands of years and priceless items from the Çatalhöyük and Hittite civilizations.

The Old Town is also the place to go if you are looking for a great Ankara restaurant, with the area home to a vibrant selection of eateries serving a diverse mix of local specialities and traditional Turkish cuisine.

Booking a hotel in Ankara

By staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel Ankara guests will be able to effortlessly enjoy the beauty and culture of the Old Town. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, the hotel's magnificent rooms and perfect location will allow holidaymakers to make the most of their time in the Turkish capital.