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Turkey Theater

Ankara is Turkey's theater hub and the art form plays an integral part in the capital city's cultural life. With venues throughout the city, Turkey State Theater employs hundreds of people and stages a wide variety of annual shows and performances. It was founded in 1946 with the aim to improve language and culture, advance the general knowledge of Turkish society with national and international plays, introduce Turkish theater abroad and use the Turkish language in the best possible way. You'll find many stages in Ankara where you can enjoy the productions by their skilled actors.

Visiting one of Turkey's theaters

Ankara is home to the headquarters of Turkey's State Theater organization. In total they have 58 stages in 23 cities throughout the country and together with touring companies there are plays on almost every night. Turkish playwrights are often featured alongside European theater masterpieces performed on stage. It is estimated that they stage a total of 500 plays both nationally and internationally. As such they are the most important actors in the Turkish art and cultural life scene.

A vibrant arts scene

In Ankara you can visit several of their theater facilities in order to enjoy their productions. The most popular one is the Ankara Opera House, followed by Leyla Gencer Sahnesi and Operet Sahnesi. These three all contribute to the capital city's vibrant arts scene. You can also visit the smaller venues of Küçük Tiyatro and Oda Tiyatrosu, operating out of the Evkaf Apartman─▒ in the Turkey State Theater headquarters.
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