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Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel

Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo (or the "Zolli" as it is affectionately known by locals) welcomes more than 1.7 million visitors every year, making it Switzerland's largest zoo and the country's most popular tourist attraction.

This animal park was named one of the world's top 15 zoos and continuously ranks as one of the top in Europe. Local residents currently include Indian rhinoceroses, flamingos, wild donkeys, cheetahs, pygmy hippopotamuses, ostriches, zebras, kangaroos, lemurs, lions, crocodiles and orangutans.

Be sure to bring the kids
If you are bringing along the kids, this is the perfect day trip to get them excited and teach them about the wildlife around them. Inside the gates you will find what is called the "Kinderzolli," or children’s zoo, where kids can get up close and cuddle with their favorite big and small domestic animals. Young ones aged 8 and up are allowed to help out on the farm and play with the mini pigs, goats and ponies.

Opening times and helpful information
The animal park is open to the public every day of the year, generally from 8 am until 5.30 pm or 6.30 pm, depending on the time of year you visit. Discounted entry is offered on some days, so check out prices and days to go on their website. Family and senior passes can also be purchased at a discount. Basel Zoo is a not-for-profit organization and happily accepts donations toward the care of its animals.

Our downtown hotel couldn't be more conveniently placed for visitors to the zoo, just a 2-minute walk along the Steinentorstrasse from the front door. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel invites you to stay close to all the best attractions in the city. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to hear the animals from the hotel.