We're updating some of our rooms from January through March 2019. We’ll keep any noise and disruptions to a minimum.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel

The bird’s eye jazz club

Located on Kohlenberg Street in Basel, the Bird's Eye Jazz Club has gained fame among insiders and experts as one of the best jazz clubs in Europe. Musicians and guests appreciate the intimacy of the club with its arch-shaped ceiling and its excellent acoustic conditions, which allows attendees to the concerts to be close to the acts.

The club offers authentic, contemporary live jazz 5 evenings per week, with well-known jazz masters from all over the world, the best musicians from the national and regional jazz scene and rising talents. Besides regularly held projects and cooperation with other cultural institutions, the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club also offers courses for the adult education center and workshops for classes from public schools.

Visiting the club

Bird's Eye Jazz Club
Kohlenberg 20
CH-4051 Basel

Tel: +41 61 263 33 41
Email: office@birdseye.ch