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Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel

See the incredible Basel Munster

The historic cathedral of Basel Munster is one of the city’s most visited attractions, if not in all of Switzerland. The red sandstone walls and arching corridors with gothic-like stone embroidery reach high above the city, inviting you inside. Previously a Catholic house of God and now a Protestant church, it was once the place cardinals met to elect a new pope as the Holy See.

However, it is not just the Munster's significance as a historic place of worship that has made it a popular tourist attraction. Ruins have been found on the cathedral grounds that date back as early as the first century AD. Furthermore, the great organ at the cathedral is often an item of artistic interest because its shutters were designed by the famous artist Hans Holbein the Younger.

The highlights

  • The artwork and religious iconography of the cathedral is greatly celebrated. Look out for portraits of Henry II and his wife Empress Kunigunde who were great benefactors as well as a series of story panels that show a "Prince of this world" seducing an unfortunate virgin.
  • The walls are also well known for holding choral concerts. If one is scheduled during your visit to the city, why not go along and enjoy the music in the mighty halls.
  • Desiderius Erasmus, the great Renaissance theologian, is buried at this church, as is the renowned mathematician Jacob Bernoulli (also known as James or Jacques).

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Basel is less than a 10-minute walk or 5-minute tram ride from the historic church. Walking to this wonderful structure via Steinentorstrasse (one of the city’s principal streets) is highly recommended as, on the way, guests will pass the city's history museum.