Radisson Blu Hotel, Batumi

Bustling Batumi Boulevard

In 1881, construction began on what is now Batumi Boulevard, also known as Seaside Park. The boulevard stretches an impressive 7 kilometers along the coast, with the Black Sea as a majestic backdrop and the city as its beating pulse.

Full of life

The governor of the Batumi district ordered the construction of Seaside Park by the famous German gardener Reseller in 1881. Since then, the boulevard has undergone several stages of development. One of the most well-known attractions is the ornamental lake with colorful, dancing fountains that bring the water to life with music, lights and lasers.

Originally, the boulevard was only 1.9 kilometers long, but in 2004 it was expanded and became the 7-kilometer stretch of activities, sights and experiences that it is today. Whether you want to go for a morning jog, take ferries to Ukraine or Russia or dance the night away at a nightclub, the boulevard has it all.

A seaside sunset

By the seashore, you can find sculptures and art installations of varying shapes and sizes. Some sculptures play on their surroundings and incorporate them, while others stand tall by themselves, such as the 7-meter-high moving metal sculpture of a man and a woman by Tamar Kvesitadze. Along Batumi Boulevard lies a variety of cafés, restaurants and numerous nightclubs. Visit the Alphabet Tower, which stands as a monument to Georgian script and culture, or see the sun set over the city from atop the Ferris wheel at the northeast tip.

Only a stone’s throw away from the boulevard lies Radisson Blu Hotel, Batumi. Enjoy beach access and a contemporary flare, right by the heart of it all. The hotel’s seaside location and floor-to-ceiling windows make for stunning views of your surroundings.