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6th May Park

The 6th May Park is a magnificent leisure destination in Batumi. Composed of a garden, lake, zoological corner, dolphinarium and aquarium, the park is especially attractive for families with kids.


The garden was established in 1881 by the German gardener Reseller, who also constructed Batumi Boulevard. Throughout its existence, the park has changed its name several times, reflecting the changes in Georgian history. When it was known as Alexander’s Garden, it was named after Russian Emperor Alexander III. Since then, it has changed to the Students' Park during Soviet times and finally to 6th May Park in 2006.

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon strolling through the park, taking in the scent of blooming roses and the sight of cypress trees and lush plants. Visitors can watch the fishermen on the lake and enjoy a number of entertainment facilities here in one of the oldest parks in Georgia.


The recently renovated, fully equipped Batumi Dolphinarium is an ideal family attraction. Watch 8 dolphins perform in their aquatic show, performed in Georgian, English and Russian. Guests also have the option of taking 15-minute swims with the sea mammals.


Opened in 1966, the Batumi Aquarium housed many marine inhabitants, including North Pacific seals, fur otters and Caspian seals. The 100-kilogram giant tortoise of the Indian Ocean, nicknamed False Coach, was especially popular with guests. The aquarium boasted a rather impressive variety of fish — up to 60 species of freshwater dwellers from different seas and oceans.

Nowadays, Batumi Aquarium hosts mostly locally bred fish varieties. Up to 100 species originate from the Black Sea and Georgian freshwaters, including the common stingray and long-snouted seahorse. The aquarium presents exotic fish varieties as well, like the impressive Amazon piranha and Southeast Asian fish species.

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