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Beihai Park

A space of glorious natural beauty in Beijing, Beihai Park is one of the largest of China's gardens. The park serves as a testament to imperial China's cultivation of public spaces and offers a tranquil walk for any visitors to the city.

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Visit the gardens and temples of Beihai Park in Beijing
The site of many of China's famous temples and historic buildings, Beihai Park has been an important centre of the country for many years.

The park follows a classic formula of Chinese garden construction, inspired by a popular folk story believed by various emperors over the centuries. In order to gain immortality, the legend states, one must seek three mountains surrounding a bay. As emperors never found the mountains, some built parks to replicate this set-up.

Though much of Beihai Park is taken up by its considerably sized lake, the area still has several interesting structures to visit. The Nine-Dragon Screen, located in the northwest of the park, features carvings of the mythical, scaly beasts, and the Circular City has a collection of classic buildings filled with artefacts form the Qing dynasty and even a wine urn used by Kublai Khan.

Stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing to visit Beihai Park
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