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Visiting the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing was the Chinese Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty through until the end of the Qing Dynasty. Found in the centre of Beijing, the Forbidden City now houses the Palace Museum and is a major tourist attraction.

A 20-minute drive from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing, the Forbidden City is just one of the famous attractions you can visit while staying at the hotel.

Visiting the Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is a complex of 980 buildings dating from the 15th century. The Forbidden City earned its name because in the old times, law forbade entrance to the complex unless the Chinese Emperor gave his permission. The palace structure is a superb example of Chinese palatial architecture.

The Forbidden City has been the home of the Palace Museum since 1925 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. The collection of art and artefacts in the museum come from the imperial collection of the Qing Dynasty. The Forbidden City also holds China's largest collections of Ming and Qing Dynasty government documentation, plus many rare books.

Find the Forbidden City from our Beijing hotel
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