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Lama Temple Beijing

The Lama Temple - or Yonghe Temple - complex in Beijing has been an important Tibetan Buddhist temple and monastery in the country for centuries. Located to the northeast of central Beijing, the temple has been open to the public since 1981.

To visit this centre of religious and spiritual significance in China by staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing. This hotel in the Chaoyang District of Beijing allows guests to see all major points of interest throughout the city, including the Lama Temple and other important historical buildings, all while keeping them in supreme comfort.

The Lama Temple over the centuries
Though best known as a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and temple, the Lama Temple originally housed the empire's court eunuchs, before being transformed into the court of Prince Yong. After Yong became emperor, he had Lama converted half into monks' quarters, while retaining half as a palace. Following his passing, the complex would be fully changed over to a monastery and temple.

Today, the Lama Temple stands as one of the best-preserved monasteries in the whole of China, and combines the architectural styles of Tibet with those of the Han Chinese.

Guests can enter the grounds of Lama Temple via three entrances, each guarded by stone lions indicating the residence of an emperor. Inside, visitors will discover the Drum Tower and other structures of the temple, each containing priceless religious artefacts and items of spiritual significance.

Accommodation for visits to Lama Temple
As well as most of the sights of central Beijing, the Radisson Blu Hotel places guests near to the Lama Temple. Choose to stay at this Beijing hotel for comfortable rooms and enviable guest services, such as a fitness centre and dedicated travel agent’s office, plus short commutes to area attractions such as the temple and Beihai Park.