Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing

Stop by Sanlitun Area

For a taste of contemporary Beijing, simply stop by the Sanlitun area, which is home to some of the best nightlife and shopping in the city. A melting pot of culture in the capital, Sanlitun Street has many international stores and restaurants popular with locals and visitors alike.

The emergence of Beijing's Sanlitun

Located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, it has been a popular spot for international visitors since the close of the 20th century. Since then, improvements and growth of the Chinese economy have led to major investment in the area, making Sanlitun emerge as a center of global significance.

It was once also the center of ambassadorial activity in Beijing, but in recent years, it has seen the influx of retail and dining. As more people began visiting, the older structures in the area gave way to new developments, including the Taikoo Li and Nali Malls. Also known as Nali Patio, this center is filled with small boutique stores with interesting and new designs you may not have seen before. Taikoo Li is a new development with the purpose of wrapping you up in style while offering a great place to hang out.

The best of the Bar Street

Also known as the Bar Street, Sanlitun features an avenue of lively bars and clubs, which are especially popular with international visitors and expatriates. You can choose a bar or pub, sit down and enjoy a drink with friends. Then move on to the next and enjoy a new atmosphere. In addition to great nightlife, there are also several important music venues, which host performances of all kinds.

Stop by the Sanlitun area of the Chaoyang District when staying at the nearby Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing. The hotel puts you close to the most happening areas of the city, including Sanlitun, where cultures meet and mix.