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Summer Palace Beijing

The Summer Palace in Beijing, a stunning example of classical Chinese architecture, can be found to the northwest of the city centre, and features a number of separate attractions. The UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site features impressive features both manmade and natural.

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History of the Summer Palace in Beijing
First constructed in 1750 by members of the Qing dynasty, Beijing's Summer Palace has seen many incarnations over the years, though retains the classic Chinese architectural style of the original. Under the current government, the Summer Palace has seen several renovations, which have affected many of the structures in the complex.

The Summer Palace was designed to incorporate nature's wonders into a palace setting, and the area has been praised for its testament to the art of Chinese gardening. However, the tranquillity and coexistence of the natural elements is matched by the splendour of some of the palace's structures. The Hall of Benevolence and Longevity pays tribute to Confucian wisdom with its timeless style, other structures such as the Hall of Jade Ripples and Heralding Spring Pavilion can be found in the area.

Accommodation near Beijing's Summer Palace
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