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Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Located in the southeast corner of central Beijing, the Temple of Heaven has been a site of religious importance for centuries. This World Heritage Site draws many visitors on holidays in Beijing due to its central location and impressive architecture.

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The story of the Temple of Heaven
The story of Beijing's Temple of Heaven begins in the 15th century, when the emperor responsible for the Forbidden City ordered its construction. Set amidst a pine forest and populated with fine gardens, the Temple of Heaven complex was designed to represent the relationship between heaven and earth, a central idea of Chinese spirituality.

At the heart of the Temple of Heaven complex lies the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which towers over the complex at a height of 38 metres and features a unique three-gabled roof. Near to this building, the Circular Mound Altar and the Imperial Vault of Heaven can be found, the latter of which connects to the Hall of Prayer by a raised walkway.

See the Temple of Heaven from a Beijing hotel
Guests of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing can reach the Temple of Heaven quickly and easily from their accommodation in the city. The hotel places visitors close to many different sites of historical and spiritual significance, including the Temple of Heaven and the Lama Temple, Beijing.