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Wangfujing Street

A prosperous promenade in the Beijing city centre, Wangfujing Street exemplifies the successful commerce of China in the 21st century. Long an important spot in the city, Wangfujing Street has also become an important international centre in the past few decades.

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Wangfujing Street, Beijing, throughout the years
As the commercial and financial situation in China has changed, so has Wangfujing Street, one of Beijing's main avenues. The street has been at the heart of the city's Dongcheng District and a central point of interest in Beijing for many years. The area surrounding the street, also known as Wangfujing, is considered one of Beijing's downtown areas.

The shopping along Wangfujing Street represents a mixture of traditional goods and contemporary Chinese culture. Some shops along the street have been in their current locations for over a century, including the Shengxifu hat store, which still sells traditional Chinese headgear alongside the latest fashions.

Men can purchase formal wear at Wangfujing's Yong Zheng Tailors Shop, and the street has restaurants and cafes to make a visitor's mouth water, including the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and the Wuyutai Tea House.

Accommodation for visiting Wangfujing Street
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