Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel, Beirut

A trip to Zaitunay Bay

When visiting Beirut you can enjoy a slice of tranquillity and hear the sound of waves lapping against the shore at the popular Zaitunay Bay. This marina is a popular spot for locals and visitors who come here to walk along the promenade, meet friends in the cafes and bars or explore the pop-up markets.

Walking the promenade

The bay itself is in fact a man-made development on reclaimed land which was designed by acclaimed architect Steven Holl. Situated right in the center, the bay is easy to access no matter where you are coming from. It has played a pivotal role in the redevelopment of Lebanon, attracting many businesses that now serve to help you relax and unwind by the seaside. Walk along the promenade and enjoy the crisp sea breeze on a hot day. Beautiful yachts line the water making for great photos, so be sure to bring your camera with you.

Eating, drinking and shopping in the bay

Once you have made the stroll across the promenade, stop for a classy coffee or meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes jotted along the path. Treat yourself to a Champagne breakfast at the lavish Champagne bar or simply grab an afternoon snack. Be soothed by the sight of the boats bobbing up and down with the tide and really embrace that holiday feeling.

When discovering the area, you will also be greeted with colourful flea markets and festivals, which see bands entertaining the crowds and stalls lining up along the path. Zaitunay Bay’s Christmas market in December is particularly popular and worth a visit.

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