Checkpoint Charlie

See history in action at Checkpoint Charlie in the German capital city of Berlin. Nicknamed 'Checkpoint Charlie' by Western allies during the Cold War, this spot is famous for being the best-known crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin.

Decades after the conflict has ended and the Berlin Wall torn down, Checkpoint Charlie still stands as a reminder of the struggle and progress that's taken place in Germany's capital over the course of the 20th century.

Discover Checkpoint Charlie
While it's no longer a symbol of conflict, Checkpoint Charlie is an iconic spot with huge historical, social and emotional resonance. Until it was torn down on November 1989, the Berlin Wall was a divider; today however, landmarks like Checkpoint Charlie and the small pieces of wall that remain are popular with tourists who come to learn about this significant time period.

The site has been carefully reconstructed and at Checkpoint Charlie there is now a replica US Army guardhouse along with a copy of the original border sign. Visitors can find the original white booth used at the checkpoint in the Allierten Museum in Berlin-Dahlem. Next to the historical site in Friedrichstrasse tourists can visit the private museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. Visitors can see here documentation of escape attempts from East to West, along with the original objects used to escape.

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