GoJump Berlin

Berlin is home to the biggest skydiving centre in Germany, GoJump. The centre prides itself on impeccable safety standards and highly experienced staff. GoJump's Berlin offices are located on Knaackstrasse 99 just 10 a minute drive from our first class hotel in Berlin. Drop by and decide if you are brave enough to see the world from 4,000ft.

Take to the skies
The GoJump centre is in a small town called Gransee 45 minutes by train outside Berlin. Once you've booked your jump appointment the GoJump crew will pick you up at the station. On-site you can watch other sky divers take their turn or pass the time at the café. When it's your turn you'll get your training and instructions from your tandem partner - then you're ready for take-off.

Once you have recovered from the adrenaline fuelled free-fall it's the perfect time to look around and enjoy the view. The countryside around the jump site is beautiful and seeing it from this height is a unique experience. You'll also receive a memento of your jump with photos and even a handycam option available.

Relax and recover at the Radisson Blu, Berlin
End your day with a peaceful elevator ride up through the incredible AquaDom aquarium in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin. Relax as you glide up the centre of the world's largest freestanding tank surrounded by 1 million litres of water and 1,500 brightly coloured tropical fish.