Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin

GoJump skydiving

Berlin is home to the biggest skydiving center in Germany, GoJump. The center prides itself on impeccable safety standards and highly experienced staff.

While the jump site is located outside of the city’s center in Gransee, a 45 minute train ride from the center of Berlin, their office and shop is only a 10 minute drive away from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin on Knaackstrasse. The staff at the office and shop are more than happy to have a chat about the experience of seeing the world from 4,000 m.

The jump site

Once you’ve booked, head out to GoJump in Gransee via train, their staff will pick you up at the station. The jump site location features the Dropzone restaurant. So while you’re waiting for your turn, you can relax with a coffee and watch other adventure-seekers in action.

Then when it’s your turn, GoJump’s experienced instructors, and your tandem partner for the jump, will get you geared-up and ready for take-off. As a member of the German Skydiving Federation (DFV), they’re licensed to do student and tandem training. So if you fall in love with the adrenalin-fueled experience, they can help you with a course to become a certified skydiver.

The countryside around the jump site is beautiful and seeing it from the air a unique experience. You'll also receive a memento of your jump with photos and even a video option available. If you’re looking for a little extra memory, back in GoJump’s office you can purchase t-shirts or sweaters.