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Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin

Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is an internationally renowned museum located in the northern part of Museum Island, just a short 400 m walk from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin.

The museum features many of the Berlin State Museum’s most impressive collections;

  • The Antikensammlung, their Collection of Classical Antiquities
  • The Vorderasiatisches Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Near East
  • The Museum für Islamische Kunst, their collection of Islamic art

A highlight of the gallery is the legendary Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon amongst other reconstructions of historical significant buildings.

Museum Island, also known as Spree Island, gets its name from the complex of five international significant museums that occupies the site. Pergamon Museum, together with Alte Museum, Neue Museum, Alte National Gallery and Bode Museum, all Berlin State Museums, were honored with UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999.

Explore Museum Island

Beyond the museums, the island features other attractions including the Pleasure Garden, and the Berlin Cathedral. The cathedral’s impressive baroque construction has attracted visitors from around world since it’s restoration in 1993.

The Pleasure Garden, known to Berliners as Lustgarten, is located near the site of the former Berlin City Palace. Originally it was built as Palace’s kitchen garden in the 16th century. In 1646 it was converted into a formal garden with ornate paths and fountains which lead to its current name. Throughout the years, many demonstrations and parades have taken place here. Most significantly, in 1933 when 200,000 people demonstrate against the regime of Adolf Hitler. Today the beautiful park, with a picturesque fountain, attracts tourists and locals alike.