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Bratislava Opera House

Spend an evening at the Bratislava Opera House, a historic venue that is popular with tourists wishing to experience the best of Slovakian opera. The Habsburg-era building is located in Hviezdoslavovo Square, in the centre of the city, directly facing the Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel. The Bratislava Opera House hosts a programme of ballet and opera performances throughout the year.

First opened in 1886, the Opera House in Bratislava was built in the Neo-Renaissance style and designed by the theatre architecture company, Fellner and Helmer of Vienna. The building was originally a municipal theatre for performances of German and Hungarian opera. After the Czechoslovakian Republic was formed in 1918, performances in the Czech and Slovak languages were added. Today, most operas are sung in their original language with subtitles for Slovakians.

More about the Bratislava Opera House
A new Bratislava Opera House was built in 2007 and is only a short walk from the old theatre. Tickets for performances at both opera buildings can be purchased in advance from the Slovak Theatre Central Box Offices. It should also be noted that opera performances at the Bratislava Opera House are subtitled in Slovakian or German, so English-speaking audiences are advised to learn the plots in advance.

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The Bratislava Opera House is only a 100 metres walk from the Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, situated near the banks of the river Danube, making it a perfect location for opera lovers. From here you can enjoy a show at the opera, explore the Old Town, take a river cruise on the Danube or take in one of the festivals that occur from July through to December.