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Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol


The Bristol Zoo is a standard bearer for animal care and customer enjoyment in wildlife parks across the UK. The oldest provincial zoo in the world, the compact site has remained at the forefront of animal welfare throughout its 175-year history and has embraced modern viewing innovations such as ZooRopia.

Visiting the animals

The Bristol Zoo has a number of diverse animal enclosures to display its exceptional range of species. The Seal and Penguin Coasts are two of the most-visited parts of the complex, with a series of underwater panels and observation towers allowing visitors to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural element.

Gorilla Island is another popular visitor attraction, in which animal lovers can view these powerful primates playing in and patrolling their very own corner of the enclosure.

The zoo is also home to two Asiatic lions, which are the world's most endangered large cat species, with only 350 thought to be left in the wild.

As well as staging daily animal displays, the zoo is also deeply involved in conservation work. The establishment has led the way in animal breeding, holding the honour of successfully rearing Britain's first black rhino.

The Bristol Zoo is open every day except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Located near the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Clifton Cathedral, the zoo is worth visiting while exploring the area’s other top attractions. Bristol Zoo and the city’s other major sights are located a short drive from the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bristol.