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Bucharest National Opera House

Not only is the Bucharest National Opera House one of the city's most notable artistic hubs, it's also a beautiful building with a distinctive architectural style. Visitors to Bucharest are recommended to take a stroll by the National Opera House to admire its fascinating façade, even if they don’t have time to explore the wonders beyond the front door.

As the foremost venue for opera and ballet performances in Bucharest, the National Opera House is beloved by patrons of the arts. Holidaymakers can book a ticket to see some of Bucharest's finest performers and marvel at the building's beautiful interiors at the same time.

Building the Bucharest National Opera House
The Opera House's beautiful edifice was built in 1952-1953 and it followed a style dubbed "socialist realism". This type of architecture was popular at the time - when communism was new to Romania, and the building has a neoclassical design that turned away from the modernist tendencies that were becoming popular elsewhere.

Enjoying performances at the Opera House
Visitors from all around the world can book tickets to enjoy a performance at the Bucharest National Opera House. The main performance season takes place between October and June but there are sometimes touring opera or ballet shows outwith this time.

Guests of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest, perfectly located in Bucharest's Old Town, will find the National Opera House just a short trip away. This Bucharest hotel offers five-star accommodation and excellent amenities in one of Bucharest's most attractive and artistic areas, including other highlights such as the lovely Herastrau Park, making it perfect for opera and ballet fans.