Radisson Blu Hotel,Bucharest

The Victory Avenue

Calea Victoriei, or Victory Avenue, is one of the most charming streets in Bucharest and a popular avenue for attractions and shopping, as well as being home to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest. On your doorstep, you will find the architecturally impressive CEC Palace and National Bank of Romania, the National Museum of Romanian History, The George Enescu Museum, Romanian Athenaeum, Romanian National Arts Museum and several other attractions. This is a great place to start when making your way around Bucharest’s attractions. Make sure you have your camera at the ready to capture the moments.

Architecturally impressive CEC Palace

The gorgeous yet eclectic architecture of the CEC Palace makes it one of Bucharest's most popular buildings. Housing both a museum and bank headquarters, it is open to the public and offers an excellent glimpse of the architectural style of the late 19th to early 20th century. With a majestic exterior and a series of fabulous exhibitions and paintings hung throughout the interior, it is a gem both inside and out. It has an extremely grand design, complete with an impressive metal and glass dome on top. The entrance is decorated with four large columns, gargoyles and the coat of arms.

Delve into history

This neo-classical building that houses the National Museum of Romanian History was also constructed at the same time as the CEC Palace and is another iconic city building. When you enter, you are in for even more of a treat. The two highlights include the Lipidarium and the Romanian Treasury, which includes the Crown Jewels, in addition to 60 other display rooms.

Step through Europe

On approach to Cantacuzino Palace, you are greeted by a charming courtyard. Step inside for a journey around Europe with rooms decorated in the style of countries around the continent. Pre-booked tours are necessary but then you are guaranteed to get the most information from the informative guides. The palace is also home to the George Enescu National Museum, dedicated to the life of the much-admired Romanian Composer of the same name.

Calea Victoriei is a great starting point for your vacation with several attractions in the vicinity. Pick up a 24, 48 or 72 hour Bucharest Card for free transport, free and discounted museum entry and other benefits.