Radisson Blu Hotel,Bucharest

George Enescu Festival

The biennial George Enescu Festival is a celebration of classical music, which takes place every second September in Bucharest. It honors one of Romania's most famous composers by the same name and attracts some of the world's most famous orchestras, chamber ensembles and opera companies. The festival is a chance for professional and emerging musicians to shine. A number of juried competitions also take place during the event, giving audiences the chance to experience rarely seen performances. Over 150 events take place during the festival days, not just in Bucharest but across the country.

World-class venues

Ticket bookings typically opens in April, so if this event is an absolute must for you, make sure you plan your trip in advance to secure tickets. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest is central to the major festival venues, such as the stunning, Grand Palace Hall and Bucharest National Opera. Visiting these outstanding venues presents you with the chance to soak up some of the eclectic architectural styles that makes Bucharest so distinctive. Inside, the sheer scale and every detail of the concert halls are just as impressive. There are also a number of outdoor stages, such as that in the aptly names George Enescu Square.

Learn more about Romania’s greatest composer

George Enescu (1881-1955) was a character, a much-loved, talented and admired Romanian musician and composer who dedicated his life to his specialty. To learn more about his life, passion and Romanian music culture, set aside some time to visit the museum dedicated in his honor. It is located in the Cantacuzino Palace, where he resided with his wife in a pavilion in the gardens.

You can learn year round about the life of this world-renowned musician but to truly see the city light up in his honor, September is the time to visit and experience this celebration on classical music.