Radisson Blu Hotel,Bucharest


The true heart of the city

A visit to Bucharest is incomplete without a walk down Lipscani, one of the city's most famous districts. It is so iconic it even lends its name to Bucharest's Old Town, which locally is often referred to as simply Lipscani. It is the perfect blend of old and new, chic and bohemian and it is the true heart of the city.

The highlights

As you walk down the street, remember to always look up and around you as the street, like the rest of Bucharest, is full of beautiful architecture. Specific features to look out for include the National Bank of Romania, a 19th century building designed in French neoclassical style, and one of Bucharest's most noteworthy architectural feats. Also, make sure you take a quick walk through one of the quaint alleyways, which will bring you will out on Blanari Street, home to the awe-inspiring St. Nicolas Church. Another must-see is the idyllic Hanul cu Tei courtyard, which is packed with galleries, antique shops, second-hand bookshops, gift shops and artist studios.

A historic trading street

The street is one of the city’s main commercial areas, ideal for shopping, and always has been. It received its name in tribute to the traders who once traveled from the German city of Leipzig and lined Bucharest’s edges, selling their goods. As the largest commercial street in the area and boasting such a memorable link with the past, the name Lipscani stuck and is today the most bustling part of the city. Today, you will find modern local and international stores and independent boutiques up and down the avenue.

An entertainment hub

If you want to experience authentic Bucharest, the area is filled with delightful cafes, restaurants selling cuisine for around the world, and plenty of bars and clubs and cultural venues such as Lipscani Theater. This is one of the city’s bustling nightlife areas and by evening the city is transformed with a vibrant atmosphere.

All of this is just less than a 15 minute walk from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest.