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Parliament Palace Bucharest

The Parliament Palace is commonly considered to be architectural gem in Bucharest's crown, thanks to its astounding scale and style. The palace is the second biggest building in the world and has immense historical significance for the city as well as enough stylistic peccadillos to make it fascinating to sightseers from around the world.

Found at the Strada Izvor and built on a hill that was raised for the purpose, the Parliament Palace is visible from most parts of Bucharest but its real impact needs to be experienced up close.

The controversy surrounding the Parliament Palace in Bucharest
Construction of the Parliament palace began in 1983, when Romania's Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was finally able to put his long cherished planes of a 'people's house' into action. The unbelievable scale of the palace combined with its ornate and overwrought architectural styles ensured that the undertaking was enormous.

Some 20,000 people are said to have toiled on the building and its eventual completion only neared in 1989, when the Romanian Revolution was breaking out. Ceausescu was forced to flee and his palace became the workspace of the new government. Now, the building is also open to members of the public and, alongside the CEC Palace, is one of Bucharest's most popular sightseeing attractions.

Not only does the palace boast some truly unique interior design, but the upstairs terrace also offers excellent views of the city. A guided tour of the building is recommended for all who are interested in the rich historical legacy of its construction.

Hotels nearby the Parliament Palace
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