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Romanian Athenaeum Concert Hall

If you plan to visit the Romanian Athenaeum, you are in for a treat. This is the city’s concert hall and has stood in the heart of Bucharest since 1888. To the whole nation, it is a cultural hub, national icon and architectural delight. The walls have many stories to tell and have welcomed many royalty, dignitaries, musicians and performers over the years for an amazing array of shows and concerts.

The design

The Neoclassical design of the façade is dominated by the large dome of the main concert hall. As you pass through the six columns, you will find yourself admiring every little detail as you enter the building. An incredible amount of effort has gone into perfecting the design of this cultural institution, from the foyer, to ornate ceilings, walls and the grand main stage.

A history of Romania

Perhaps the highlight of a visit to the concert hall in terms of architecture is the incredible fresco that decorates the round walls of the main hall. The 75 square meter artwork represents important periods in Romania’s history and was completed in 1938. It tells a story that is painted on the walls in a series of 25 different images. The best way to see it and delve in to the country’s history is to join one of the guided tours.

Music from many genres is played at this venue and no matter what type of concert you are visiting the Romanian Athenaeum for, you are in for a memorable night out. The hall is home to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and Bucharest Symphony Orchestra also play here regularly. The Romanian Athenaeum is also one of the venues for the biennial George Enescu Festival. Our staff at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest can help you with recommendations and tickets if you are planning a cultural night out in the city.