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Radisson Blu Beke Hotel, Budapest

Hungarian National Museum

A great introduction to the vast history of Hungary, the National Museum should be one of the first stops on your trip to Budapest. With many exhibits providing English translations you can easily work your way around the displays. The collections cover various themes from archaeology, medieval and roman times, Hungarian Conquest, ethnic artefacts, historic periods and coin collections. The entire collection holds an incredible insight into history including over 10,000 prints and paintings, 1,000 manuscripts as well as books and maps.

The building itself tells a great story and is steeped in history. It is the oldest public museum in the country with the current building dating back to 1837. It is a classic example of Neo-classicist architecture. For over 200 years, the museum has symbolized this nations’ strong identity.

Guided tours and audio guides

If you want to learn more and would like an in-depth visit then call ahead and order a guided tour. Note that tours in English must be booked a week in advance. The museum provides audio guides in English for various collections. Souvenir merchandise, including books, replica paintings, ceramics and jewelry, can be purchased at the gift shop.

The Festival of Museums

Surrounding the building is a beautifully landscaped park and one of the city’s most popular recreational space, filled with statues celebrating historic icons and famous personalities in the country’s history. This is also the venue for the Festival of Museums that takes place in May each year. With contributions from over 100 museums, it is a showcase of the city’s art and cultural scene, as well as a celebration of song, dance, theatre and shows. There are also opportunities to try Hungarian crafts including pottery, paining and photography. It is a perfect event for the whole family.

The National Museum is a great way to learn all about this great country before moving on to discover its other popular attractions and is just a short walk from the Radisson Blu Beke Hotel, Budapest.