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The Alexander Bar & Theatre

Alexander Bar & Theatre is a charming conversation bar in the heart of Cape Town. The creation of playwright Nicholas Spagnoletti and software engineer Edward van Kuick really stands out in the Cape Town scene as being somewhere distinctly different. It attracts an interesting mixed crowd of locals young and old but always has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

One of the main points that separates the Alexander from many of its counterparts is that upstairs, it has a small, bustling theatre that shows the best independent drama that Cape Town has to offer as well as music, comedy and other acts. The program is varied, with (usually) 2 different shows per night and up to 7 productions in one week. Booking for the theatre is essential, so make sure to plan ahead before heading out.

However, don’t allow the theatre to distract you from the amazingly unique bar. There are few bars in the world that can claim to have a functioning rotary dialing system that encourages tables to call and talk to each other. You can also dial 9 to contact the bartender. This uniquely quirky idea really adds to the atmosphere of the establishment, making it a truly different bar experience.

Should you visit the Alexander Bar & Theatre and fancy a bite to eat, they have a menu which will suit all budgets. The menu serves up classic fare with a gourmet twist including salads, sandwiches and a range of cheeses and charcuterie. Whatever time of day you decide to visit, there will be something going on; during the day the bar operates as a café serving Fairtrade coffee and snacks. It is important to note that the Alexander is closed on Sundays but is open from 11 am to 1 am Monday to Saturday.

The Alexander Bar & Theatre is a really unique venue that captures the creative thought and energy of Cape Town and distils it into a friendly and warm place that should be visited while visiting Cape Town.

Opening Times
The bar is open Monday to Saturday, 11 am – 1 am and is closed Sundays. Call 021.300.1088 for more information.