Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff

Doctor Who Experience

Since bursting onto British screens in 1963, Doctor Who has become a cultural phenomenon. The titular Time Lord has taken viewers on countless extraordinary journeys over the years, and now you can become part of the excitement yourself at the BBC's Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

An adventure through time

This attraction delivers a journey just as thrilling as any episode of the endlessly inventive drama, allowing you to immerse yourself in the adventure. Step into the TARDIS and take on enemies both old and new, from sinister Cybermen and dangerous Daleks to the ever-threatening Sontarans. Exclusive sequences of film shot specially for the Doctor Who Experience and featuring the series' stars help keep the action fast and furious.

As well as throwing fans into the world of Doctor Who, the experience also offers an insight into how that world is created. Special sets have been created to offer you the chance to get an incredible behind-the-scenes look into the creation of the show, which provides a comprehensive overview of the iconic sci-fi series. See costumes, props and other artefacts spanning from the show, and find out more about its special effects, cast and history.

Explore a cultural icon in Cardiff

In the sixties, Doctor Who wowed audiences with its audacious storylines and boundless creativity, sparking off a run that lasted until 1989, when the show left British screens. Since being brought back in 2005, it has undergone a spectacular revival which continues to go strong – a fact that is celebrated at the Doctor Who Experience.

This interactive attraction sits right on the edge of Cardiff Bay, nestled in one of the Welsh capital’s most attractive areas and just a short trip away from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff. If you enjoy the iconic TV show, you'll enjoy discovering how the interactive experience brings the magic of Doctor Who to life.