Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne

Satisfy taste buds at the Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum celebrates the artistry and spectacular popularity of this ancient luxury. The museum has been explaining the roots and modern history of chocolate for almost 20 years, with the waterfront site now one of Cologne's busiest tourist attractions. Rightfully so, this sweet tooth’s dream has all you need to know about chocolate and shows you why you should reach for the more expensive brands.

The best Chocolate Cologne has to offer

Opened in 1993, the architecturally stunning museum is visited by 675,000 each year and stages almost 5,000 guided tours for chocolate lovers on holiday in this sweet city. Possibly the best smelling museum in the world, you can taste the cocoa in the air.

This Willy Wonka like wonderland tells the 3000 year old story of the west's favorite luxury and how it was introduced to tantalize our taste buds. With exhibits displayed in both German and English, you will first be introduced to the Mayan and Aztec tradition of drinking chocolate before multimedia displays explain the modern profession of chocolatiers.

Sweet highlights

The highlights of the museum include an almost ten foot high chocolate fountain, which you can sample by dipping in German waffles. View the display of cacao trees from which chocolate is ultimately extracted and exhibits of the machines used in producing modern bars. Also on display is an 18th century Mesoamerica porcelain chocolate making vessel. Don’t forget to pick up a goodie bag of all your favorite treats on the way out from the shop where you have the best selection of sweets in the city.

To satisfy your sweet tooth or uncover the city’s other sights, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne is situated centrally, close to the city's iconic cathedral and historic center, allowing guests to easily explore the charms of one of Germany's largest metropolitan areas.