Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne

Unravel the secrets of Cologne’s Old Town

Cologne’s Old Town, or Aldstadt, is at the very heart of the city and taking a stroll through this historic district is the perfect way to while away a day of a holiday in Germany. Some of its most popular attractions can be found within this picturesque area, including the city’s famous cathedral. Known for its lively hustle and bustle, the streets are often crowded with visitors hopping to and from bars, pubs and restaurants.

Central attractions
Over 70 percent of this area was destroyed during World War II, but there are still many things to see and do in the city’s fascinating historic quarters. The quaint, yet impressive houses beg you to walk among them and really get that old time German feeling. Must-see attractions include the Gothic-style Cathedral, the 16th century Town Hall and the Romanesque Groß St.Martin Church.

Stroll through the quaint streets and alleyways to see brightly colored buildings or relax with a coffee in one of the cafés lining the area’s famous squares. Alternatively, take a tour of one of the breweries and sample a glass or two of Kölsch. Kölsch is one of the few traditional German ales and a local brew. This pale ale is worth the taste and found in abundance in Altstadt.

If you have the time, spend an evening on a river tour, glancing out upon the old town and churches as you relax to live music. Incredible photo opportunities present themselves when floating along with the river so it is highly recommended.

The Old Town is situated on the banks of the Rhine, just 15 minutes’ drive from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne. This lavish hotel is the ideal option for anyone looking for a hotel near the Old Town attractions.