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Ballyhass Lakes

Ballyhass Lakes is a great place to go if you are the kind of person who likes physical activity. It offers everything from fishing to zip lining, canoeing and lots more, challenging both wits and fears. The atmosphere is at the same time quite relaxed, making it a great place to spend a day.

Activity Centre
The Ballyhass Lakes Activity Centre has a great mix of activities suitable for not only kids but also tweens, teens and grown-ups who are young at heart. There is something for all ages and abilities, making it easy to have a fun-filled day for the whole family. It is also great to go here for a weekend with friends.

You can choose the activities to partake in before you arrive. With the wide variety, it might be difficult to select only a few. One definite ‘must do’ is zip lining across the lake. Should you find it scary, the staff are both friendly and helpful, as well as encouraging, especially whilst you are waiting for your heartbeat to settle down. Many a visitor has pushed their limits when visiting the Activity Centre, and still come back for more.

The Fishery
Ballyhass Lakes provides great opportunities for anyone interested in fishing.

The main lake is known for its clear, green-tinged limestone water and limited to fly fishing only. On both sides high cliffs rise. Here you can see rainbow trout leaping out of the water after insects. However, the clarity of the water is what really makes this lake amazing, as you can see fish five feet down and twenty feet away in the water. For fly fishers, this means you can learn a lot about the behaviour of fish and how different flies work.

The smaller lake has less clarity; however, the fishing quality is not bad, and you can use your fishing method of choice. It is stocked regularly with fish up to 2 -3 lbs and has fishing platforms and rain shelters, making it a good choice for both experienced fishers and beginners.

There are some rules and restrictions to follow if you go fishing here, so make sure to check this out before throwing a line.

Visiting Ballyhass Lakes
With a hotel room booked in Cork you might feel that driving the hour to Ballyhass Lakes is a little out of the way. However, if you want a day packed with activities, it is definitely worth it.
If the family is spending several days in the county, the Fota Wilflife Park is another great place to add to the activity list. With animals roaming free, this gives you a completely new experience.

Regardless of how you want to spend your day, the staff at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork are more than happy to assist you in planning your day out.