Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork

Fota Wildlife Park

Should you have a day to spend in Cork, the Fota Wildlife Park, located on Fota Island, is an essential stop. Here you will see wild animals in ways you never have before. The island itself is composed of 3 main parts: Fota House and Gardens, Fota Golf Course and the Wildlife Park. It is the wildlife park that the island is best known for.

What makes the Fota Wildlife Park so special is that most of the animals roam free instead of being caged as they would be in a regular zoo. The animals are also chosen for their ability to adapt to the Irish climate. Giraffes, monkeys, apes and flamingos are just some of the park’s inhabitants.

Animals up close
Animals' roaming free in the park allows you to get closer to them, giving you an experience different from any other. The monkeys are on their own little island, swinging from trees and ropes, whilst the park’s lemurs and peacocks walk amongst the visitors. Also, don’t be surprised if you suddenly bump into a llama or a kangaroo as you explore the park.

The park’s cheetahs are one of the few animals that are behind a fence; however, they have a substantial enclosure to run around in. In addition to this, they are fed every day in the ‘Cheetah run’. This involves encouraging the cats to chase their food, just as they would do in the wild.

In addition to the animals, there are also several picnic tables to eat at in the Fota Wildlife Park. This makes the park ideal for a full day out with the family. Just remind your kids to hold their sandwiches high, as a lemur just might jump up to say ‘hello’.

Visit the Fota Wildlife Park
You can easily spend a whole day in the Fota Wildlife Park, and with a hotel room in Cork, it is easy to visit. The island is located in the heart of Cork Harbour and accessible both by train and car.

Lakeside adventure
If you are looking for family activities, another fun place to visit is Ballyhass Lakes, where there is something to do for all ages and abilities, ranging from zip lining to fishing and archery. It takes a bit longer to get here than to Fota, but it is well worth the drive.

When staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork, you are close to both Cork’s city centre and the Fota Wildlife Park. Between excursions, indulge yourself in the hotel’s spa or clear your mind in the Retreat Fitness Centre.