Radisson Blu Fürst Leopold Hotel, Dessau

Nearby Attractions

Our hotel’s prime location in Dessau city center puts popular attractions within easy reach

Dessau is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, making the hotel’s locale in Dessau city center ideal for a cultural adventure. Learn about revolutionary design through the exhibits and buildings of Dessau Bauhaus, the school that blended art and architecture to create a style that is still used worldwide. As the first landscape garden in continental Europe, the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz has become a popular place to visit. Stroll along bridges, past beautiful 18th-century buildings and statues, and through well-manicured gardens as you enjoy the harmonious landscape. The Garden Kingdom is part of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, a serene natural area near the river Elbe full of hiking and biking trails and lovely picnic areas where you can explore the unique ecology of the reserve’s river meadows.

Nearby attractions

  • Anhalt Theater - 100 m
  • Bauhaus buildings and exhibits - 1.2 km
  • Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve - 8.2 km
  • Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz - 18.8 km
  • Leipzig Exhibition Centre - 63 km