Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden

Nearby Attractions

Our hotel's location in Dhaka is near popular city attractions

Find major corporate offices, diplomatic destinations, prime shopping centers and amazing attractions near the Radisson Blu hotel's location in Dhaka. Stay near city attractions like the National Assembly Building, a spectacular piece of architecture with sweeping lawns and Ahsan Manzil, a pink palace used by the Nawabs during their 100-year reign.

Nearby attractions:

  • National Assembly Building - 6.7 km
    Designed by the world-famous American architect Louis I. Kahn, this building is widely considered to be one of the great monuments of modern architecture in Bangladesh. The National Assembly Building is one of the largest legislative complexes in the world.
  • Ahsan Manzil - 13.4 km
    This majestic palace embodies the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Dating back to the Mughal period, the structure has been home to the Nawab's regime and a French trading center throughout its history.
  • National Martyrs’ Memorial - 18.9 km
    Featuring seven isosceles, triangular, pyramid-shaped structures, this stunning monument was designed by architect Moinul Hossain and is a symbol for the valor and sacrifice of those who perished in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.