Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha

Evening Dining

Bentley’s Grill
Experience the masculine atmosphere of Bentley's Grill featuring warm hues complemented by a crackling fire. Chef Jurgen's menu focuses on premium steak crafted from the finest Wagyu beef.

Bombay Balti
Named for the metal pot used for preparing curry dishes (balti means “bucket” in Hindi), this Old Indian restaurant doesn’t disappoint with ornate decor, bold flavors and freshly baked naan.

Bombay Balti Menu

Chingari ("sparkling charcoal") sets the bar for innovative dining as Doha’s first real Tandoori restaurant. Chefs work their magic with fresh produce and meats marinated and cooked to perfection in a traditional clay oven. Sample authentic specialties like butter chicken, fish tikkas, lamb and sag aloo. Feel like the Maharajah by dining on exquisite cuisine while musicians serenade you with sweet Ghazals from India.

Chingari Menu

This gourmet French restaurant exudes sophisticated elegance from every spoonful of asparagus soup to each crumble apple strudel. Enjoy our impressive homage to one of the world’s most cherished cuisines.

Showcasing tapas dining, Picasso’s brings the vibrant taste of Spain to Doha. Discover decadent, sharable dishes with a fruity sangria or frothy beer in the restaurant’s rustic setting.

Pier 12
For the globe’s most desired seafood dishes, visit Pier 12. The freshness and quality are showcased in the melting texture of our Bouillabaisse soup, mussel pots and individually crafted recipes. Perennial favorites include our Alaskan crab cakes and surf ‘n’ turf.

Pier 12 Menu

Ruby Wu’s
The Chinese restaurant at Radisson Blu in Doha serves authentic specialties like roasted Peking duck, Dim sum, freshly steamed vegetables, and stir fried beef tenderloin. Let our chefs and servers quench your dragon-sized appetite with a little spice and a lot of flavor.

Yokkoso ("welcome") to Sakura where Japanese chefs create culinary masterpieces in a theater-like setting. Watch as fresh sushi and teppanyaki dishes expertly unfold right before your eyes.

Sakura's Menu

The Italian Job
Feel the comaraderie of Italy as singing waiters entertain you throughout dinner. Fresh pastas, pizzas and meat dishes are cooked to perfection in wood-burning ovens delivering that authentic Italian flavor.

Italian Job Menu

Opening hours:
From 18:00 (Daily)

Tel: +974 4428 1555