Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Dubai Fountains

Catch an impressive light and water show at the famous Dubai fountains. Offering daily performances on Burj Khalifa Lake, the fountains are one of the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Dubai.

Visitors can enjoy short displays in the afternoon, plus more extravagant evening displays as the elaborate productions light up the night sky over downtown Dubai.

An attraction in the heart of Dubai
Made by the creators of the iconic Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, the Dubai fountains add a touch of excitement to the already impressive lightshow.

Located just outside Dubai Mall, the fountains shoot water 500ft - equivalent to a 50-storey building - into the air, backed be a visual spectrum so bright it can be seen from space.

Enjoy daily performances in the afternoon and evening backed by a diverse international repertoire including classical, Arab and world music and watch as all the elements come together for a transfixing choreographed display of light, water and sound in the heart of Dubai.

Visit the fountains
Conveniently located near popular city attractions, this hotel Dubai is the ideal base for holidaymakers who wish to visit the Dubai fountains. The cascading display of light and water is just outside Dubai mall, making it easy to shop, explore and enjoy the spectacle in one afternoon.

After a visit to the fountains, the Radisson Blu Deira Creek offers guests a comfortable base to relax and unwind, with more than a dozen diverse dining options in the hotel's opulent surroundings.