Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown

Business Bay

A reaction to the tremendous amount of business interest in Dubai, Business Bay was planned as an extension of the impressive high-rise office buildings already populating the downtown. Dubai authorities hope to make Business Bay the centre for commerce and trade in the region.

Attending business events in the district could not be easier than with a stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown. From this Business Bay hotel, guests can reach all the offices in the neighbourhood plus the adjoining financial centre.

Visit Dubai's centre for trade - Business Bay
Business Bay has been a tremendous undertaking for the local authorities and private developers, with the district covering some 6 million square metres. The work consisted of dredging Dubai Creek in order to construct high-rise towers, roads and canals.

The product has been an assembly of glittering skyscrapers, each poised to host the Middle Eastern offices of titans of industry and commerce. In total, the plan for the area includes 230 high-rises, with the Burj Al Alam standing tallest at over 500 metres.

The district also caters to other needs as well, with some mixed-use buildings, which include housing for workers in the area. In addition, Bay Square hosts amenities necessary for residents and guests, with restaurants and shopping both available.

Plan your Business Bay trip from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown
The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown lies about five kilometres from the heart of Business Bay. From this well-placed Dubai hotel, guests will be able to attend meetings or conferences, or simply conduct an office visit, with just a short commute.